White Chocolate Mousse

Its taken me a little while to think of a title for this post. That sentence may cause you to reread it…creative is probably not the word flashing in your mind at the moment! Descriptive, is more like it. But it is what it is and sometimes there is no reason to ‘big up’ some thing simple, rather admire it for being so simple and relish in it. I am at the moment surrounded by chocolate, boxes of all sorts haveĀ  accumulated over the Christmas period (there are even unopened Lindor truffles in the house!). Normally I can quite easily go without chocolates for weeks, but when they are in the house willpower is no more than and afterthought. Saying that however, I am properly chocolated out. This whole January detox thing is going to be a breeze! So why a post about a truly decadent, moreish, totally overindulgent mousse…because I can and because post January detox you need something to pick you up out of your healthy January gloom! So I figured, I tell you all about this now, let it sit in the back of your mind for the next 30 days and just when you think you may not survive another juice diet, February will be here and you can indulge in this little beauty.

I have actually mentioned it before. If you read the post on the dark chocolate mousse – it was in there! Now don’t all go rushing to reread that, I never actually gave the recipe I just alluded to its existence! Got to keep a few things up my sleeve! The first time I made it, I made a classic error – I was worried that it was going to be too simple so I layered it with the dark chocolate mousse and nearly sent all my guests into a sugar coma. Whoever said ‘keep it simple stupid’ was onto something! At the most I would add a fruit coolie to it, maybe a thin layer on top. Perhaps raspberry, lemon or passion fruit (granadilla to my fellow South Africans!), something naturally tart to cut the richness. A word of advice, do not be fooled and make these big portions, you really only need a small amount to satisfy you and anymore pushes you over the edge.

Its pretty simple to make, but as always be careful with white chocolate-its temperamental and splits easily. This is not one of my recipes, but from another gorgeous blog. Hopefully you can see how creamy it is from the photos. It is not your typical light airy mousse, this one is all about calories and you only get the good calories from, in this case, cream!

So, do me a favour. After you have spent the next month gluping down juiced green stuff, make this – it will replenish your soul (and undo a months worth of good doing!).

White Chocolate Mousse

  • 200g white chocolate (high quality), chopped into small pieces.
  • 100g heavy cream
  • 100g heavy cream, whipped

Heat up the 100 ml cream until small bubbles appear at the edges of the pot (ie you have scalded the cream) and pour over the white chocolate. Stir it gently until all the chocolate has melted, then let it cool for several hours. Once fully cooled, whip up the remaining 100mls of cream and gently fold it into the chocolate mixture.This will easily make 4 servings.

(From: http://www.deliciousdays.com/archives/2005/06/03/white-mousse-au-chocolat/)